Goodbye for Now

As humans, it’s natural and all too easy for us to become emotionally attached to certain objects. We tend to fall in love, or at least hold close fond memories, of the pleasantries that we’ve enjoyed with a certain car, a special home, a wonderful vacation destination.

So it’s with sadness I must report that after 70-plus years at the very place where paradise meets paradise — Blind Pass — Castaways Beach & Bay Cottages will be “signing off” for now but planning a next generation of resort as our time and energy allow.

As a boy, my parents were regular visitors to both of our islands. I clearly remember being just as excited crossing the big Causeway Bridge as I was crossing the little Blind Pass Bridge. In both cases, sunshine and swimming and all the fun of a beach vacation were just ahead, in real time and in memories.

Over the years, thousands of you too have these same emotions and memories of our beloved Castaways. The resort truly was the best of “Olde Florida” and it was easy to meet so many fans, from all over the world, who had been staying at Castaways for 10, 20, 30 or more years. That’s a lot of love.

As for the future, we at Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts look forward to someday welcoming the next great destination resort at Blind Pass — one that’ll honor the great traditions of Castaways Cottages.

We thank you for your support, and I encourage you to share your Castaways stories with us as often as you’d like.

Doug Babcock | President & Chief Executive Officer

Rhys and May Babcock on their first visit to Castaways Cottages, 2008.

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Guest Stories & Memories


Suzanne & Hugh

We have been coming to Castaways for over 10 years. Our little slice of heaven and respite during every holiday for the 2 years of COVID. One of the only resorts that was dog-friendly where we could bring Buddy the Schnauzer. We will be back as soon as they are ready for us.


Chris A

My family and I have been coming to Sanibel and Captiva since I have been in middle school. There is no other place like it in the world. Our last trip was one of our most memorable as we came with my mom, my Fiancé and myself the weekend before Ian. On Friday, we made our way onto the island and picked our wedding venue for next fall. We spent a magical weekend enjoying the views, the water, the sunsets and the local people and planning ahead for our special day in paradise. Funny story is, we ended up choosing the beach front cottage, #6, because my mother said you never know what could happen tomorrow, let’s stay on the beach, as it was one of her dreams to stay in one of the beachfront cottages at Castaways. Boy, am I glad we did for the memories we have will last forever and luckily I took plenty of pictures of our paradise. I don’t know what we can do but we would love to help in any way we can. Unfortunately, we got the call this weekend saying that our venue was cancelling all weddings for 2023. So here’s to starting over and rebuilding! Sanibel and Captiva will always have a special place in our heart and if I can manage to hold my fiancé off, maybe we will be able to get married one day in paradise when it is all back together. Thank you for all the memories!


Kevin M

Always a relaxing time. Shelling, Fishing, biking, dining.


Tammy S

My husband, my teenage daughter And I enjoyed our trip so much in 2018. This year we planned on coming back for a day trip to show the beautifully island to our older children as we had plans to stay in fort Myers beach. I’m so saddened by all this. God bless you all.



Castaways has been our absolute favorite for many years. Having your own pet-friendly cottage directly on the Gulf was a huge draw for us. We loved the quiet of Blind Pass compared to the “east end” of Sanibel. The ability to have a day pass for Tween Waters pool and bar was an added bonus. We hope and pray that Castaways will return in some shape or form…. Xoxoxo. #Sanibelstrong



My family has been vacationing at Sanibel since the early 60’s when I was a wee little one. As an adult, I proposed to my husband at the Castaways in 1998, we’ve enjoyed numerous vacations, had two family reunions and just last year said goodbye to my mother with a beachside memorial service for her there. Castaways is part of our family mythology – from finding Junonias, dolphins swimming just feet away from us and kayaking with the manatees, it is common thread that helps hold our family together. We will be back when you are ready for us.



My favorite thing about Castaways Cottages was nighttime shelling. My mom and I are pretty hard core about our shelling opportunities and the first time we came to blind pass was at 4 a.m. We got a ticket in the parking lot because I was too impatient to read the meter and we thought we’d be out before the park opened. While out there with my 8 year old budding shelling addict, sister in law and teenage niece in tow, we saw the cutest cottages and said to ourselves … “how do we get to stay there?!” Soon after, we booked our first night in the (then) green cottage duplex. We were in heaven with unlimited shelling. Loved the screened porches and rustic living-on-the-sand feel. It was perfection. We felt we had found a secret place. We brought select friends and family back to our newfound slice of heaven over the next two years. Made lots of memories in a short time: plastic kites from the gift shop stuck in palm trees, “riding” the tide in the bay, finding some show-worthy whelks, playing with fallen coconuts, drinking wine, digging sand forts, buying swag in the office…. I’m so happy I got that white castaways hat when I did 🙂 forever in our hearts— a “secret” slice of heaven for so many


The Krenger Family

It was 1996… Our very first visit to Sanibel Island 🏝 Castaways! My husband was walking through very serious health challenge and not certain we could make the trip, but our pastor gave us his blessing. and his parents joined us! We Spent spring every year since never missed a year! Except for 2020 pandemic! Our son had planned his wedding but travel was canceled that March pandemic! we always keep in touch and are praying during difficult challenging weather seasons. We continued in prayer this year and when I called this year lines were shut down. We are booked and planning to return in March 2023 praise God amen! We love you all and special love to Ellen and Chris and the team at Castaways!


Michelle M

My family and I love coming to your cottages. We bring the kids, cousins and grandmas. We bring all of the beach toys, tent and literally live on the beach while there! It’s what brought us back together during and after the pandemic. Beautiful memories made there!



We have spent many years visiting and our latest was my granddaughters first time to the beach. We always had a great time and Gael e recommended Castaways to my friends who also visit. I wish you the best and can’t wait to visit again.



This was our first out of state vacation as a family of 4 with our 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter. We stayed in the cutest cottage at Castaways right on the beach a few weeks before the world went crazy with the COVID 19 pandemic. We spent our days collecting shells and swimming in the pool, it was so relaxing and we made such good memories. A week before the hurricane, I made a photo book of our Sanibel trip for my husband’s birthday and it was like reliving the vacation all over again. So sad to see the devastation to this beautiful place, wishing you all the best and can’t wait to return someday!



Our family has been vacationing at the Castaways for over 25 years. The countless amount of memories we have created there are PRICELESS to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with the AMAZING staff and look forward to being able to return in the future.