Goodbye for Now

As humans, it’s natural and all too easy for us to become emotionally attached to certain objects. We tend to fall in love, or at least hold close fond memories, of the pleasantries that we’ve enjoyed with a certain car, a special home, a wonderful vacation destination.

So it’s with sadness I must report that after 70-plus years at the very place where paradise meets paradise — Blind Pass — Castaways Beach & Bay Cottages will be “signing off” for now but planning a next generation of resort as our time and energy allow.

As a boy, my parents were regular visitors to both of our islands. I clearly remember being just as excited crossing the big Causeway Bridge as I was crossing the little Blind Pass Bridge. In both cases, sunshine and swimming and all the fun of a beach vacation were just ahead, in real time and in memories.

Over the years, thousands of you too have these same emotions and memories of our beloved Castaways. The resort truly was the best of “Olde Florida” and it was easy to meet so many fans, from all over the world, who had been staying at Castaways for 10, 20, 30 or more years. That’s a lot of love.

As for the future, we at Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts look forward to someday welcoming the next great destination resort at Blind Pass — one that’ll honor the great traditions of Castaways Cottages.

We thank you for your support, and I encourage you to share your Castaways stories with us as often as you’d like.

Doug Babcock | President & Chief Executive Officer

Rhys and May Babcock on their first visit to Castaways Cottages, 2008.

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Guest Stories & Memories


Paula S

My husband and I fell in love with Sanibel the first time we visited in 2016 and have made at least one trip back yearly since then.  We decided to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary there and choose to stay at Castaways because the location is perfect – access to Blind Pass Beach and Turner Beach and basically the center point of our favorite restaurants and attractions on both Sanibel and Captiva. Right in front of the Castaways beachfront cottages, I found a junonia on this 20th anniversary trip and my husband found a very large horse conch and large lightening whelk. We felt like these were gifts directly from God celebrating this milestone anniversary right there with us.

My husband and I always come back for the peace we have when are there. There is something truly magical about how we are able to disconnect from the daily grind and revive our minds and spirits.


Don & Liz H

We have stayed at Castaways many times. Always amazing. Always magical. We didn’t need to go anywhere else while staying there ,Blind pass, Lazy Flamino sunset grill.. all right there. Love love love this lil slice of heaven


Kara M

Sanibel and Castaway Cottages has been a family favorite for years. Sanibel is also the first time I was ever on the beach, and I’ve fallen in love with the ocean ever since! My mom and I decided to recreate the same picture in the same place 20 years later. Praying for everyone on Sanibel and hoping to return soon.


Scott & Carrie G

Our 25th Anniversary and first trip to Sanibel without the family. We enjoyed our stay so much and have planned to return for our 30th. The perfect hideaway for a quiet and relaxing break.


Cynthia H

We love castaways, the location, the proximity of the store and the restaurants, Castaways’ and Turner beach. Honestly the best location because you don’t have to leave for anything unless you want to. Number 7 is the BEST!! So many trips and can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future.



We’ve had so many wonderful memories at Castaways and Tween Waters Inn. I can’t call one of them “my favorite. My first visit to Sanibel Island was when I was about 8 years old…so it had to be around 1965. My husband’s first trip to Sanibel/Captiva was on our honeymoon back in 1978 at Tween Waters Inn. Our most recent visit was a few months ago in July. We were blessed to stay at Castaways. The weather was superb and we had a fantastic time! We look forward to our next visit with great anticipation. Prayers for you all as you prepare for our return. I hope our heartfelt donation helps make it a little easier.



We stayed at Castaways twice and were due to stay there again this coming November 1st. Our dream was to stay on one of the cottages on the beach side, but weren’t ever able to get a reservation!
We discovered Castaways after visiting Sanibel two other times and staying in mid island. Blind Pass is our FAVORITE beach and the BEST shelling spot on the island. My husband loved just being able to walk across the road to the beach. I loved the shells and fishing just past the bridge to Captiva.
I’m a photographer so being able to have access to all this beauty without getting in the car was amazing. We loved the cozy feel, ease of getting to where we wanted to go, and being on our favorite part of the island. The Lazy Flamingo was a good food spot but we enjoyed cooking in our room as well. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to come back to Blind Pass and walk from your property to the beach.


Carol W

My husband and I came to Sanibel for our first time about 10 years ago and stayed in cabin 28. We loved everything about it and have been back five more times since. Captain Joey is our favorite fishing guide and we’ve had so much fun catching with him, lounging on the beach and walking over to the Lazy Flamingo! We pray for all of your recovery and hope to be back when Castaways reopens. Here’s our February 2022 favorites pics!


Janet G

My little one loved going to Sanibel and staying at the cottages. She would spend hours looking for shells and when low tide came we would go back out to look for more shells. The best of our family vacations have been at Sanibel at the cottages.


Christy L

As a very young child, I started going to the Castaway Cottages. I have lots and lots of memories. I’ll tell you about 2 memories that stick out. First one is that I learned how to swim in the ocean with my grandpa. We were far our into the ocean, my grandma was at the shore yelling at my grandpa to bring me back to shore. Second one is that I’m on a post card. My mom, dad and I were walking down the beach and was approached by a gentleman and his little girl. The man asked my parents if he could take a picture of me and his little girl. And last memory I have is the sad one is, we put my grandma’s ashes in the ocean. I have meant to come back, but there’s always something that have prevented me from coming back. I love Sanibel Island and wish I could afford to live there.


Jane M

My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary here- our last before his diagnosis and passing from cancer. We also spent our 20th at Tween Waters many years ago! A special place that will live in my heart forever.