My favorite thing about Castaways Cottages was nighttime shelling. My mom and I are pretty hard core about our shelling opportunities and the first time we came to blind pass was at 4 a.m. We got a ticket in the parking lot because I was too impatient to read the meter and we thought we’d be out before the park opened. While out there with my 8 year old budding shelling addict, sister in law and teenage niece in tow, we saw the cutest cottages and said to ourselves … “how do we get to stay there?!” Soon after, we booked our first night in the (then) green cottage duplex. We were in heaven with unlimited shelling. Loved the screened porches and rustic living-on-the-sand feel. It was perfection. We felt we had found a secret place. We brought select friends and family back to our newfound slice of heaven over the next two years. Made lots of memories in a short time: plastic kites from the gift shop stuck in palm trees, “riding” the tide in the bay, finding some show-worthy whelks, playing with fallen coconuts, drinking wine, digging sand forts, buying swag in the office…. I’m so happy I got that white castaways hat when I did 🙂 forever in our hearts— a “secret” slice of heaven for so many