My family and I have been coming to Sanibel and Captiva since I have been in middle school. There is no other place like it in the world. Our last trip was one of our most memorable as we came with my mom, my Fiancé and myself the weekend before Ian. On Friday, we made our way onto the island and picked our wedding venue for next fall. We spent a magical weekend enjoying the views, the water, the sunsets and the local people and planning ahead for our special day in paradise. Funny story is, we ended up choosing the beach front cottage, #6, because my mother said you never know what could happen tomorrow, let’s stay on the beach, as it was one of her dreams to stay in one of the beachfront cottages at Castaways. Boy, am I glad we did for the memories we have will last forever and luckily I took plenty of pictures of our paradise. I don’t know what we can do but we would love to help in any way we can. Unfortunately, we got the call this weekend saying that our venue was cancelling all weddings for 2023. So here’s to starting over and rebuilding! Sanibel and Captiva will always have a special place in our heart and if I can manage to hold my fiancé off, maybe we will be able to get married one day in paradise when it is all back together. Thank you for all the memories!